2017 Hebrew Calendar

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Brand New 2017 Hebrew Calendar ! 

We have worked really hard on this year’s calendar and made it much easier to read and follow along! This new calendar clearly lists the Gregorian and Hebrew months, dates and seasons, as well as provides a full list of all our Holy Days and Feast, makes clear the Sabbath and features powerful illustrations with inspirational scriptures using thought provoking verses of truth. We have also added more room for you to jot down your appointments and made a notes/reminder section as well as a full display of all 12 months on the back cover. This calendar uniquely integrates the Gregorian calendar with the True Hebrew Calendar making it easier for us to stay on course with Holy Feast Days, Sabbath’s and New Seasons!

  • $20 per calendar in USA
  • $25 per calendar in Canada (dispatched from UK due to size)
  • $20 per calendar in the UK
  • $20 per calendar in Australia, New Zealand
  • $20 per calendar in Europe
  • $20 per calendar Africa, Asia, Caribbean and other areas

*All prices above are quoted in USD and include s&h costs.

How to pre-order your calendars

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